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Revolutionizing Wellness

On sustainable well being


AUG 2022


What does it mean to revolutionize wellness? Revolutionizing wellness is exploring and contemplating the different angles of connection between synergy and science. There is a science in the relationship between the body, mind, emotions, and spirit—they work together. One is not separate from the other.

True wellness is not about calorie counting. It is not about how many times we went to the gym this week. It is not about positivity. Revolutionizing our wellness is tuning into ourselves on a deeper level. It is listening to our body and our spirit and nourishing them with what they need, whether that may look like food, rest, nurturing, movement, or anything else. It is learning to love and accept ourselves and our uniqueness. It is tuning into and opening to our emotions. It is implementing self-inquiry and self-contemplation - asking ourselves the right questions. And as a whole, it is a process of stripping all of the layers of subdued memories, traumas, suffering, emotions that are stored in our bodies, in our minds, in our subconscious. Acknowledging that these elements all play their part in the whole is how we align with our entire being.

True wellness is coming into harmony with all aspects of our unique selves. The way we nourish our bodies has an effect on our emotions. The way we nurture our emotions has an effect on the mind. The way we choose our thoughts has an effect on the way we perceive our reality. And synergistically, they construct our entire experience as a whole.

We revolutionize our ideals of wellness through acknowledging the divine concord that occurs when our inner world harmoniously reflects and supports our outer world and our outer world harmoniously reflects and supports our inner world. It is a devotion and a lifelong commitment to consciously move through life’s experiences with awareness and curiosity as opposed to suppressing them. It is a process of rebuilding our inner trust, slowing down, and listening, and from this place, creating the inner safety to live an open and pleasureful life. The more we rebuild our inner trust, the more we reopen ourselves to our true, innate essence that is ours, no one else’s. We create a deep sense of safety within ourselves, that no one can take away. This takes dedication and perseverance.

In this light, wellness is a choice. We don’t one day wake up fully ‘well.’ We don’t become well solely because we meditate. Wellness cannot be achieved through new age manifesting or the Law of Attraction. Wellness is a devotion to our wellbeing—mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. The choice to balance these aspects of ourselves is an art. It is a way of being. And it takes time, patience, commitment, perseverance, and attentiveness.

If you feel called to transition or to dive deeper within certain aspects of yourself and your way of being, consistency, repetition, and curiosity can be your driving forces in the process. What I have learned is that it can take several years to genuinely discover and integrate ways of living well that feel grounded to you-- and they will be ever evolving as you grow and evolve. Likewise with deconditioning our patterns and shedding light on parts of us that have been left in the dark. It all takes time.

In my personal experience, I found that whenever I hastily tried to purge or transition everything at once, it was counterproductive. I invite you to give yourself time, gentleness, and spaciousness to experiment and have fun with the process. Even as you face discomfort, which you most certainly will, give yourself permission to swim in the abyss of the messiness that is being human. It is truly such a rewarding and exciting journey to delve deeper within yourself and to learn what makes you feel more alive.


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