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I believe that self compassion, inner safety, & curiosity are key to inner + outer transformation.

I am a firm believer that there are hidden gems within each and every one of our experiences -- our highs and our lows. I also believe that by developing a relationship with all parts of us, we can uncover our superpowers, live more expansively, and utilize our unique creativity, power& radiance.My philosophy is that the more we anchor in self acceptance & self compassion, the more we are able to live boldly, uniquelycourageously, confidently, and truthfully. And from this place, we can continue to ripple out kindness, gentleness, joy, and empowerment with all of our interactions.

I am devoted to my own path of self revolution and finding gifts of transformation & expansion in every moment. My internal studies are the fire that fuels me to lead others through their own unique self reclamation journey. I have a knack for unraveling puzzles of the psyche and getting to the root.

Reclaim. Revolutionize. Rebirth.

- Identify patterns + limiting beliefs that may be keeping you stuck

- Learn ways to manage and regulate self-doubt

- Learn tools to manage levels of depression + anxiety

- Work on rewriting old stories of

shame, guilt, fear, or unworthiness

- Feel more at home in your body

- Create more space to welcome in your deepest desires

- Reconnect to your innate sense of

peace, playfulness, joy, + ease

- Invite in fresh perspectives +

deeper clarity

- Work on transforming how you relate to yourself,

your relationships, & life at large

Britt Handler. Guiding you to empowerment and wholeness from within.

⚘ My Approach ⚘


I have found that learning how to regulate and hold ourselves through our experiences is a key foundation to embracing all aspects of life - the highs and the lows.


I am here to help you develop a deeply transformative relationship with your internal + external world & feel empowered to embrace whatever comes your way, from the heart & with graciousness.


I believe that stressors + struggles + pain will always present themselves in our lives and with a fortified nervous system + deep emotional awareness we can become equipped to handle anything with self reliance, groundedness & ease. For this reason, I am so passionate about teaching self regulating tools + practices.

❊ ❊ ❊

- I believe that accountability is key to keep up with

the consistency of supportive action.

I hold you accountable with a collaborative, contemplative approach.

-  I am trauma informed. I am keen

on gently holding any trauma that arises & creating safety. 

-  I help you learn to create safety within yourself.

- I believe that understanding our

inner Masculine and Feminine energies

is an integral part of self awareness.

- I guide you to understand the various parts/layers of yourself. This, I find is key to

self acceptance & empowerment.


- I support you in transforming the way you relate

to your emotions

so that you can become empowered

by them + feel a deeper sense

of safety, regulation, self compassion,

and grace

- I focus on building inner strength & capacity.

- I help you recondition yourself to find wisdom in

the messiness of being human.

-  I believe that the most sustainable way

to move through change or challenge

is dropping into deep gentleness,

self compassion, curiosity,

& patient contemplation.

This is the essence of my work.

-  I guide through the body.

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