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Ways to work with me:

6 Week Full Support Journey


How it works:


~ This form of support is a span of 6 weeks

~ We meet for three, 45 minute video calls on WhatsApp (I suggest video calls to be held biweekly for sustainable titration & integration, but ultimately it is your choice of whatever is most supportive for you ♡)

~ You get unlimited WhatsApp messaging support throughout the entire 6 weeks, (during business hours Monday-Friday)

~ You have my full attention and support the entire time we work together

Single 45 Min Video Session


How it works:

~ Single sessions are perfect if you’re seeking clarity for a specific situation, want to get an initial feel for how we can work together, or just for an integrative check in 

~ Video calls are through WhatsApp

~ There will be a follow-up check in a week after our call

 3 Pack of Single Sessions  


(expires 4 months after purchase) 

Our time together is uniquely tailored to where you are needing support the most. Before we begin, I provide you with a contemplative questionnaire to bring clarity and intention for our work together.

✻  Sessions are a co-creative process. Together we work with: 

  • parts work to bring more understanding and acceptance to the layers of you

  • integrating the lessons in past challenges or patterns

  • getting to the root of limiting beliefs

  • understanding and integrating your inner Feminine + Masculine

  • self re-parenting

  • somatic self regulation practices

  • releasing stagnancy stored in the body to cultivate deeper openness + awareness

  • embodying self compassion & gentleness to anchor into the heart space

  • radical self awareness & deep self honesty

  • reframing your inner dialogue with playfulness & curiosity

  • integrating the inner world + outer world with a sense of groundedness, clarity, & inner-standing

  • I also find Human Design and the Gene Keys to be incredibly supportive tools in this space


By clicking ‘Apply’ you will be provided with the questionnaire mentioned above, which when complete will be sent directly to my email. (The questionnaire will ask you the type of support you desire--6 week support, single sesh/single session package, or custom support. I will follow up within 24-48 hours and if we both feel like an integral fit to work together, we proceed with an agreement form, scheduling, and payment upfront to secure your space in the books. I will invoice you and accept payment in full via PayPal or Venmo. I am beyond honored to work with you. 

***Please acknowledge that there is a 24 hour cancellation/rescheduling policy for phone sessions. If you are unable to reschedule or cancel at least 24 hours before a session, I cannot guarantee that a make-up phone session will be possible - in that case, you will have the option to have our session via email.***

Cancellation Policy

Please note: to cancel or reschedule there is a 24 hour policy. Thank you for your understanding.

Contact Details

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