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Britt Handler. self transformation spiritual guidance empowerment mentor coach

brittany handler

My passion to empower others in their reclamation of self comes from my transformational journey of coming home to my own self. I implement deep awareness practices, trauma informed methodology, & somatic emotional connection to support those who want to feel more empowered, purposed, & clear in their day to day lives - no matter what comes their way. With this awareness, I guide others to integrate trauma wounds and move through life's challenges whilst sustaining themselves from the inside out.

My own rising from the ashes is what has fueled me to empower others to also rise. In my earliest years of life, I experienced several complex traumas which caused me to completely lose touch with the core of my being. Later in life, my childhood experiences led me to deep struggles with numbing myself, reaching for all that I could outside of me as an attempt to feel whole again. At the height of my self numbing I severely struggled with depression, anxiety, lack of self worth, shame, hopelessness, feeling lost & stuck, and feeling purposeless. I was far from able to hold my emotions, let alone understand them. I was deep in survival mode, easily dysregulated, and very much living life through a fogged lens. The ideas of loving myself, feeling empowered, & having clarity felt so unattainable to me.

I consider myself to be a right brained scientist. In college I studied chemistry with the intention to become a pharmacist. I knew I wanted to support people in feeling their best, however, the more I became enveloped with the Western way of medicine, the more I realized how much it didn’t align with my true nature. As a highly sensitive person and a deeply intuitive feeler, I felt like something huge was missing. I was craving more in terms of wellness.
On my quest to discover this missing piece, I was organically led to the holistic world of healing. I dove right in and got certified as a holistic health practitioner via the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2017. Coincidingly, I was introduced to modalities such as transpersonal psychology, inner child work, parts work, Chinese medicine, breathwork, somatic therapy, Human Design, the Gene Keys, and many other integrative tools. Not only would these tools become my own foundation for inner work, I knew immediately in my bones that all of this was my language. This was my kind of science. This was my passion. I consequently became fully enveloped with studying trauma healing. Because I am an experiential learner (a total 3/5 Projector in Human Design), I completely devoted myself to understanding and integrating my own core wounds as well as studying trauma + the nervous system. I consider my internal studies to be a part of my life’s work.
Through my integrated studies and deep self contemplation, I began to accept and understand myself and my experiences on a deeper level than I ever dreamt imaginable. All of my time feeling stuck started to make sense. Instead of feeling broken by my experiences, I became a student of them. My challenges became my muse. I was able to embrace my trauma, grief, my shame, my 'stories,' my shadows—and truly, deeply love them whilst allowing them to expand me. I began to feel at peace with my inner world—my thoughts & emotions—and I felt an encompassing sense of ease and safety to endure any struggles ahead. The more I embraced my emotions and my inner world, the more clear, heart centered,  empowered, & connected to my 'why,' I began to feel. My intuition strengthened immensely and I felt reconnected to my innate knowingness and trust in life - even amongst challenge.

I know with my whole entire being that if this transformation was possible for me, it is possible for anyone. Which is why now, I am so fucking passionate about supporting others in radical self transformation by applying all of my previous studies and integration while learning to embrace my own challenges. I am keen on teaching empowering ways to move through life’s challenges, past traumas, stuck emotions, + old stories of shame, guilt, fear, and unworthiness, with openness & ease. My intention is to guide people to reconnect with their inner power, their intuition, and their hearts, as well as their uniqueness.

I empower you to live a life from the inside out so that you can create all that you want to prosper, whilst feeling truly grounded within yourself.  ♡

Britt Handler. Guiding you to empowerment and wholeness from within.
Britt Handler. self transformation spiritual guidance empowerment mentor coach

❊ ❊ ❊

While I am here to guide you to honor yourself, I am also walking right beside you.

The most compelling thing I have learned and continue to learn is that self compassion and curiosity are the foundations of inner breakthrough. I continue to learn the significance of pain and struggle—how they are also gifts for transformation.
I continue to learn that forgiveness and gentleness are the highest forms of self honor. And beyond that, I continue to learn that self acceptance is truly a form of art.

❊ ❊ ❊

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